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Forum Rules

Postby Punkinbrainz » Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:46 am

Forum Rules:

1 - No personal flame wars.

2 - No X-rated or sexually explicit material.

3 - Please - no "audio snobbery" or elitism. Go elsewhere if you must behave this way.

4 - Refrain from advising the staff on how to run the website. This is rude and fruitless behavior. Decisions made by Forum Moderators are final. Don't bother arguing.

5 - Don't pick fights. We know the difference between asking questions and picking fights.

6 - No thread-jacking. Stay on-topic.

7 - Do not attempt to have two or more accounts/personalities. If discovered, one or both accounts and the I.P. addresses will be banned.

8 - Within a day of registering, post something. Even if it's only a short introduction, that will do. If 24 hours pass with zero activity, the account will be deleted.

9 - Do not initiate or engage in dialog of drug or alcohol abuse. This includes any illegal drug or alcohol activity.

10 - Do not post the same message twice.

11 - Do not send technical questions or requests to the staff via email or Private Message. Ask your questions in the proper forums.

12 - Do not use foreign or upside-down characters on this website.

13 - Never spam this board. Any attempt will be met with permanent I.P., username and email banning without warning.

14 - Post messages in English only, please.

15 - Signatures must not be more than 6 (six) lines deep. This includes empty lines.

16 - For buying or selling anything on this website, new users must have at least 20 posts ("Friend" status) and observe these rules for Selling Your Stuff.

Attempts to circumvent these rules will be met with swift action, including but not exclusively - user being banned.

Off-topic or 'filler-type' posts will be moved or deleted.

Rules are subject to be added and/or modified with little or no notice. Other forum-exclusive rules are also to be observed.

We reserve the right to delete or ban anyone at any time without notice or reason.

At, we do not ask for any financial help to keep the site going. We do not ask for donations.

We do ask that all members follow all the rules.
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